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My Acting Resume

Jerome Vivona
Representation : Schiowitz, Connor, Ankrum,Wolf, Inc. : (212) 840-6787
Black Hair Brown Eyes Height: 5' 4" Tenor ( to a C)
Sidney, Oscar, Johnny*, Dance Swing,
Asst. Stage Manager
Dir. Scott Ellis
Chor. Rob Ashford
Seussical: The Musical - original cast
Cat's Helper
Dir. Frank Galati / Rob Marshall
Chor: Kathleen Marshall
Kiss Me, Kate - revival original cast
Stage Hand, Cabbie, Nathaniel, u/s Gunman 1, Gremio
Dir. Michael Blakemore - Chor. Kathleen Marshall
Dream - original cast
Dance Supervisor, Asst. to Wayne Cilento
Dir/Chor Wayne Cilento
How To Succeed... - revival original cast
Henchman, Pete, Dance Captain
Dir. Des McAnuff, Chor. Wayne Cilento
Guys and Dolls
Pickpocket, Guy, u/s Hot Box MC
Dir. Jerry Zaks, Chor. Chris Chadman
How To Succeed... 1st National
Henchman, Pete, Davis, Jenkins, Dance Captain
Dir. Des McAnuff, Chor. Wayne Cilento
Guys and Dolls
Pickpocket, Guy, Hot Box MC
Dir. Jerry Zaks, Chor. Chris Chadman
West Side Story
A-Rab / Baby-John
Dir. Alan Johnson - Staging after Jerome Robbins
Jerome Robbins' Broadway
Baby Crook, John Darling, The Fiddler, Jet 1
Dir./ Chor. Jerome Robbins
The Royal Family of Broadway
Pre-Broadway Workshop
Dir. Jerry Zaks, book: James Lapine, Chor. Scott Wise
Rockin' the Boat
Book: Luis Perez & Tina Paul, Dir. Tina Paul
Guys and Dolls
Liver Lips Louis, Dance Captain
Seattle 5th Avenue
Where's Charley?
Featured Tango, The Photographer
Dir. Charles Repole - The Kennedy Center
Lincoln Center Workshop
Dir. Hal Prince
West Side Story
Westchester Broadway Theater
Int'l Achievement in Arts Awards
America w / Rita Moreno
The City Center, NYC
How To Succeed...
Henchman, Wicket, Pete
Dir. Des McAnuff - LaJolla Playhouse
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Jim Nightshade
World Premiere
Citadel Theater, Edmonton Canada
A Chorus Line
Dir. David Wanstreet
Anything Goes
Moonface Martin
Dir. David Wanstreet
Commercials - conflicts available upon request
Film and Television
The Stepford Wives
Frank Oz, Director
Everyone Says I Love You
Woody Allen, Director
Paramount Pictures
Sweetland Productions / Miramax
Principal Dancer,Stepford Husband
Groucho Marx
The Today Show with Katie Couric
Featured Performer
Late Show With David Letterman
Featured Performer
Kennedy Center Honors 1999
The National Opera House
Featured Performer
The Rosie O'Donnell Show
Featured Performer
Channel 12 News Long Island
Cablevision 12
Featured Story
1999,1995 Macy's Parade
Principal Performer
1995 Tony Awards
Principal Performer
Mason G. Senft, John Lehman, Penelope Herdt, Annette Triquere
James Price - The Acting Studio, Indiana University School of Music - Drama Dept.
Jerri Lines Garner, Charmian Surface
Finis Jhung, Christopher Chadman, Chuck Kelly, Joffrey Ballet School, Indiana University
DIRECTOR / CHOREOGRAPHER, baseball national champion, Golf, Sailing - experienced captain and crew, Horseback riding, Rated Skydiver, I love children / animals, Manual Driving, Soccer, Darts, Pool, Bowling, Good with accents
* denotes understudy assignments